Ordinances/City Code

Planning & Zoning Commission

For a list of the Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment & Appeal members, see the Boards, Commissions, Dept. Managers Page

Zoning Map – Link:  Zoning Map 

Zoning Ordinances – Ortonville15 Land Usage

New Option:  Application forms – Fillable:
To utilize fillable forms directions:

  • Click on the link of the form (below) & download the form to your computer.
  • Open from your computer and complete the application.
  • Save the completed form.
  • Open your email, attach this form and email to the City at deb.ellingson@cityofortonville.org

Building Permit Application Fillable Form

Application forms (Standard PDF format)
Building Permit Form
Sign Permit Application
Conditional Use Permit Form
Variance Application Form

City Plans & the Rest of the Ordinances

City Plans
Comprehensive Plan
Wellhead Protection Plan

The Rest of the City Ordinances

Ortonville01 General Provisions 
Ortonville03 Administration 
Ortonville05 Public Works 
Ortonville07 Traffic Code 
Ortonville09 General Regulations  
Ortonville11 Business Regulations  
Ortonville13 General Offenses 
Ortonville151 Signs 

OrtonvilleCOV Code of Ordinances
OrtonvilleIND Index    
OrtonvillePAR Parallel References  
OrtonvilleTOC Table of content 
OrtonvilleTSO Table of Special Ordinances


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