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Ortonville Economic Development Authority
“The mission of the Ortonville Economic Development Authority is to develop and promote the economic vitality of the City of Ortonville”

Economic Development Authority, 6-Year Terms

Becky Parker (Jan 2024) – Matt Karels (C.C. Rep) (Jan 2024) – Jacob Bollman (Jan 2025) – Eric Banken (Jan 2023) – Shane Ayres (Jan 2024) – Gene Hausauer (C.C. Rep) (Jan 2023) – Ryan Kehnle (Jan 2025)


Meetings:  2nd Tuesday of the Month

Time:  Noon
Location:  Ortonville Community Center, 200 Monroe Avenue, Ortonville MN
(the Community Center is the upper level of the same building as the EDA Office; however, you enter from the side street/alley)
Remote Attending 
Shane Ayres, OAHS at 450 Eastvold Ave, Ortonville, MN 56278

Phone:  320-839-6155
Cell:      320-305-2434
44 2nd Street NW (P.O. Box 223, Ortonville MN  56278

Contact:  Vicki Oakes, Community Development Coordinator

Ortonville EDA Assistance:

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Financial Projections for a new business:

Regional Assistance Opportunities:

Big Stone County Assistance Opportunities:

Starting a Business Information (Tax ID, Business Plans, Cash Flows, and more) and other Financing Assistance Options