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Ortonville Economic Development Authority
“The mission of the Ortonville Economic Development Authority is to develop and promote the economic vitality of the City of Ortonville”

EDA Board Members

Becky Parker (Jan 2024) – Kim Sykora, CC Rep (Jan 2024) – Ryan Kehnle (Jan 2024) – Jacob Bollman (Jan 2019) – Eric Banken (Jan 2023) – Shane Ayres (Jan 2023) – Gene Hausauer, CC Rep (Jan 2023)


Meetings:  2nd Tuesday of the Month
Time:  Noon
Location:  Ortonville EDA Office, 44 2nd Street NW (P.O. Box 223)
COVID-19, meetings are now held electronically.
Please contact the EDA Office if you’d like a link to the meeting:

2/23/2021 – EDA Special meeting at noon to discuss the area Tourism Guide

Phone:  320-839-6155
Cell:      320-305-2434

Contact:  Vicki Oakes, Community Development Coordinator

LINK to COVID-19 Resources (as noted below) can be found on the MNbump Website at this link.

  • Ortonville EDA has a $5,000 24-month Zero % interest, first payment due in 6 months
  • List of State & Federal Businesses Assistance Programs & unemployment options

Ortonville EDA Assistance:

Write a Business Plan:

Financial Projections for a new business:

Regional Assistance Opportunities:

Big Stone County Assistance Opportunities:

Starting a Business Information (Tax ID, Business Plans, Cash Flows, and more) and other Financing Assistance Options