Filing for Elected Positions


For the November 3, 2020

Election for the City of Ortonville

 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that candidates for the following elected offices must file between Tuesday, July 28, 2020  and  by 5:00 P.M. on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, at the City Office located at 315 Madison Avenue.  Any qualified voter of the City of Ortonville may file for candidacy by filing an affidavit of candidacy (available at City Hall) and paying a filing fee of $2.00 to the City of Ortonville.

1 Mayor – 4 Year Term

3 Council Members-4-Year Terms Each


Charleen Grossman, City Clerk-Administrator

Ortonville, Minnesota



Pool will Open July 1st

The Swimming Pool will open this Wednesday, July 1st, from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

The pool has a public Facebook Group where you can find all the latest information  LINK:

For information on all our parks, please check our Parks & Rec page, here on the website.  LINK:

Flushing Hydrants Today 6/10/2020

Please take notice that the City will be flushing hydrants today.  Thank you.

Swimming Pool to be Discussed at Monday Council Meeting

The City Crew is currently working to prepare the pool in the event that the City Council takes action this Monday to open the facility.  City staff has been looking into the requirements to open under the COVID-19 guidelines, checking on available lifeguards, and also the staffing requirements that would be needed to open.  They plan to have as much prepared as possible by Monday night’s City Council meeting so that Council members will have a clear picture for discussion and action.

Water, New Water Mains & Flushed Hydrants

There have been some questions about the brownish colored water the last couple weeks. The brownish color is caused by iron which is a secondary contaminant and the guideline to follow from MDH is .3 mg/l. Based on the samples that are taken several times weekly the typical level in our water system is .04 mg/l to .00 mg/l. When you see that brownish color is at about that .3 level. A couple things that I believe are causing this now are they have recently turned one of the new water mains online which has stirred the system some. Half the mains are made of cast iron which can get into the water. Most of the time that iron will just settle out into the water mains but to speed that up I flushed hydrants today to just get rid of it. It is not coming from the water plant itself. The water is perfectly safe to drink and cook with. The typical affect it has is just taste, odor, and color.

Sam- City of Ortonville water department

Day One, City-wide Cleanup! Success.

I stopped up to the City Garage to see how day one had gone  – wow!  Successful.  (They did ask what took me so long to stop up to help… I thought 2:00 – when the work was winding down was perfect timing!  🙂 )

The set-up worked great – they had stations (dumpsters) in different areas in a circle around the Shop area for the various materials they were accepting and the people helping were spread out at each of the stations to assist those who were dropping off items.  Bill Powell and his grandson were out early picking up items from those that were unable to transport their items themselves)  So it was smooth from entrance to exit for vehicles going one direction and one at a time.  I did ask if they’d gather in two groups for a photo – but the photos were both quick and they were back to their stations.  (so, the photos may not be the best angle of everyone – but quick was my goal!)

Everyone was so happy that people were taking advantage of the clean-up – Huge KUDOS to the Committee:  Gayle Mittelsteadt, Verda Bartz, Bill Powell, and Councilman Paul Radermacher.

Day Two is tomorrow from 9:00 to 3:00 p.m.


City Crew – great weather for some projects!

With the Governor’s Executive Orders, playground equipment has been off-limits in the parks – but it was sure great to drive by Lakeseide Park and see that the woodchips have been replaced with pea rock – I can hardly wait to see kids back in there enjoying the equipment!

The crew has also been working on the new backstops at the ball field – and are now completing the fencing that goes with that.  Also, at the ballpark, they’ve been rebuilding the wooden shed which stores all of the summer rec equipment.

But… today, they are helping with the City-wide Cleanup Day!  The City received 165 requests for pickup.  Hats off to the Committee of Gayle Mittelsteadt, Bill Powell, and Councilman Radermacher… and of course to the City crew and everyone helping with the pickup/disposal.

Summer Rec & Swimming Pool 2020

The Council met Monday night with Summer Rec Directory, Jill Dale attending and a letter from Dr. Al Ross with recommendations on the Ortonville Swimming Pool.

Summer Rec, Due to COVID-19, the Ortonville City Council has made the tough decision of canceling the Summer Rec program this summer; however, Director Jill Dale is working on an activity kit and summer challenges and activities to help keep kids active.  Watch for updates – coming soon!

The Swiming Pool.  The Council received a letter recommendation from Dr. Al Ross and took action on Monday night to not open the swimming pool this year. See the letter below:

Dear Mayor Hausauer:
I have been asked to give an opinion regarding the opening of the city pool this year. We currently are under a stay at home order by Governor Walz until May 17. Current COVID-19 prediction models vary but Minnesota’s peak is predicted to be from late May to mid/late June. Unfortunately COVID-19 is not going away soon. Beyond the next month, it will continue to be recommended that we socially distance ourselves and likely it will be recommended that we wear cloth masks to reduce the spread of the virus. Because of this, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board on April 3 made the decision to close all pools and beaches for the summer. Many other cities have made similar decisions. Ortonville isn’t like Minneapolis, but COVID-19 doesn’t care where you live and having a pool full of people presents several problems. It is true that if a pool has the normal amount of chlorine this will kill the virus. The problem arises from the other people within the pool. Sneezing, coughing, sputtering all of which normally happens at a pool poses risk of infection to other people. Also heavy breathing after activity is a concern of potentially aerosolizing the virus and makes it even more infectious since it could linger in the air for up to 30 minutes. Lastly, there is research that the virus can possibly live up to 72 hours on hard surfaces. This would require all surfaces of the pool, i.e. chairs, handles, restrooms, doors and handrails to be disinfected at regular intervals. Unfortunately, it is my medical opinion that Ortonville Pool remained closed for the 2020 season.

Allan Ross, M.D.


2020 City Underground Utility and Street Reconstruction Project

The City of Ortonville is planning to continue an underground utility and street reconstruction project in 2020.  As you are likely aware, the city began the project in 2019 and completed phases 1 and 4 (yellow and red) in the map displayed.  Construction on phases 2 and 3 (green and blue) will be completed in 2020.

We understand that access may be a concern for many property owners.  The contractor typically begins construction at 7 AM and ends around 7 PM.  The goal is to maintain access throughout the project to the best of their abilities but please understand that there will be times that construction is occurring directly adjacent to your property and you will likely not have access during working hours.  They will try to ensure that access is available each night when construction activities are concluded.

See Apex Engineering Group’s letter Dated April 9, 2020, here  (PDF) 

PDF copy of the Street Project Map

Watch our website for project updates!

The video below is from Tuesday, April 21st.  The last half of the video has clips from the working currently underway around the school area.

Leaf Pickup Day

The leaf pickup day is May 13th!

Please have your leaves bagged and at the curb by 7:00 a.m.