Women’s League

The women’s golf league consists of two person teams that play match play on a nine or 18 hole league for approximately 12 weeks. They also have gross and net tournaments, skins, and weekly games (optional). Their league normally starts mid-May and ends mid-August. A USGA GHIN handicap is required and included with league dues.

Match-play is two-member teams playing against each other in a hole-by-hole competition using each person’s course handicap.

Weekly games are optional for $1 each week. Games include low putts, low net, odd or even holes only, blind partner, etc.

Skins games are optional. A four-person team is randomly created each week using A-B-C-D players. The three lowest scores are compared to other teams scores, with the lowest score on each hole earning money.

You can join as a team or as an individual and they will try to match you up with a partner or welcome you as a substitute. .

If you are interested in learning more about the women’s league, please contact President Sue Pansch at 320-760-5968

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