Day One, City-wide Cleanup! Success.

I stopped up to the City Garage to see how day one had gone  – wow!  Successful.  (They did ask what took me so long to stop up to help… I thought 2:00 – when the work was winding down was perfect timing!  🙂 )

The set-up worked great – they had stations (dumpsters) in different areas in a circle around the Shop area for the various materials they were accepting and the people helping were spread out at each of the stations to assist those who were dropping off items.  Bill Powell and his grandson were out early picking up items from those that were unable to transport their items themselves)  So it was smooth from entrance to exit for vehicles going one direction and one at a time.  I did ask if they’d gather in two groups for a photo – but the photos were both quick and they were back to their stations.  (so, the photos may not be the best angle of everyone – but quick was my goal!)

Everyone was so happy that people were taking advantage of the clean-up – Huge KUDOS to the Committee:  Gayle Mittelsteadt, Verda Bartz, Bill Powell, and Councilman Paul Radermacher.

Day Two is tomorrow from 9:00 to 3:00 p.m.


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