Ortonville Community Center

The Ortonville Community Center, located at 200 Monroe Ave., can be reached by calling 320-487-2222.  Please leave
a message, as the answering machine is checked daily, and calls will be returned within 24 hours.
     The Ortonville Community Center is a spacious and comfortable facility, with a full kitchen, available to be rented for
organizational meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other family gatherings.
     Please call the Center to discuss using the Center for walking or exercise, or to discuss the use of the Pool Table.
     There are two options for renting the Community Center:
     *The Card room, with access to the restrooms and the kitchen, can accommodate 25 people.
       This room can be rented for $50, per day.
     *The whole building, including the Dining room, Card room, Kitchen, and Restrooms can accommodate 100 people
        and can be rented for $100  per day.
   Reservation Procedures:
      Please call the Center at (320)487-2222 to tour and reserve the Ortonville Community Center.
   Hours of Use:
      The Community Center is available for rent any day of the week, Monday through Sunday.
      The Center may not be rented during times it’s being used by groups who have previously arranged to use the Center.
      The Center will open no earlier than 6:00 a.m. and will close no later than midnight.
  Rental Policies:
      *Comply with all City Ordinances, MN State Statutes, Federal Laws, and the established rules for use of the Center.
      *Supervise the conduct of the participants at their event
      *Children must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.
      *This is a smoke-free and alcohol-free facility.
      *All persons and any equipment not owned by the City must leave the Center at the end of the contracted time.
       No items from the event are to be left overnight.
      *The lease-holder shall assume all responsibilities for the noise levels of their participants.  Noise levels shall not
        disturb other groups.
      *Renters have the option to set up for their event the day before the event when the Center is not in use by another group.
      *The Community Center Coordinator has the right to refuse certain decorations.  Renters are encouraged to discuss
        all decorating plans with the Coordinator before decorating.
     Cleaning of Rented Rooms:
       While the Coordinator does the cleaning, the renter is still responsible for the following:
       *Remove all decorations and personal items from the facility.
       *Place garbage in bags, and place bags in the garbage can.
       *Wipe off countertops in the kitchen.  (dishcloths are available in the kitchen).
       *Empty the coffee maker/coffee pot of grounds and coffee.  Rinse the pot.
       *Do not use dish towels for spills or cleaning purposes.
       *Do not remove towels from the kitchen–hand over the sink to dry.
       *Bring your own containers to take leftovers home.
     Notice of Responsibility/Liability:
          The City of Ortonville hopes that you and the participants at your event will all have an enjoyable and safe
         time at our facility.
           This section is to notify you that the City of Ortonville, owner, and operator of the Community Center,
         is responsible only to maintain the building and its structural components and systems, such as plumbing,
         lighting, and electricity, in a safe and operable condition.  The City is not responsible for the conduct
         of persons participating in events held at the facility.  It is your responsibility as the renter of the facility
         and sponsor of the event to see to it that all participants use the facility in a safe and reasonable
         manner and obey all laws.