Child Care Town Hall Follow-up Meeting

We had a great turnout for the Town Hall - and obtained a nice list of goals from those attending! Now it is time to review, narrow and get started on the solutions. The goal of this form is to schedule the next meeting to review and narrow the list of goals that were gathered at the Town Hall meeting & also to check in on your interest/committment going forward in this process of finding solutions for child care. Check this link for the summary of goals that were gathered at the Town Hall Town Hall Summary!
If you selected Engaged in process or Receive meeting notices - please continue on with the form. If you plan to check the website for periodic updates, please head to the bottom of the form and hit "Submit" -- Thanks!
Note: We are trying to select times that would allow our childcare providers to attend.

Thank you to all who have participated in the process so far – the initial Core Team, the providers, those attending the Town Hall meeting (a few photos below from that event), and everyone who completed a survey!

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