INPUT PERIOD is now CLOSED – thank you! EDA is Looking for Your Input!

Updated 5/8/2022.  Since there are a few that are curious – here is the community input taken from the online form:  Cashtown Survey Responses 2022-04-05  – and there were a few that posted their thoughts on our Facebook posts –

LINK:  Ortonville Facebook Page Replies/post 

LINK:  MNbump Facebook Page Replies/post

Update:  5/5/2022.  We met with the RDC and their architecture consultant to discuss the property and potential building designs – the next meeting is on June 2nd.  It will be exciting to see what the building design will look like… and some other really good news coming from this project!

The Cashtown buildings are located in a very prominent location as you enter our community.  And while we have had a few inquiries about the property, nobody has taken the step to purchase and develop it.  We have an opportunity through the Upper Minnesota Regional Development Commission (RDC) to work with an architecture consultant to create a concept for this property based on what we’d like to see.  Our plan is to showcase the community’s excitement in seeing this area developed as shown by a list of your ideas/suggestions along with a conceptional drawing (taken from the list of ideas that were received).

We are coming into this opportunity on the tail end of the RDC’s project process – so submitting your ideas within the next couple of days would be MUCH appreciated!  Thank you!!

Survey has been removed from this post.  Thank you to everyone who submitted.  We will provide a report of ideas soon.